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Last modified on 10/3/03
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Welcome to the Savigliano SpA Web site

Located in Turin, heart of the Italian industrial activity in the energy fields, Savigliano designs and produces electric machines. The first transformation system dates back to 1882, the first rotary machine, a dynamo for generating continuous current, dates back to 1890. Since then Savigliano has been producing transformers, motors, aerogenerators and mechanical components for different applications: for hydroelectric and thermal generating stations of the main Italian and foreign energy producers, for tramway and railway traction, for the navy, for the heavy, chemical and car industry.
Today Savigliano is specialised in the production and/or enhancement of big transformers (up to 400 MVA) in average and high voltage (up to 400 kv), hydraulic and turbo alternators, as well as hydraulic turbines for units up to 50 MW.
Savigliano is able to work directly on site at the customers premises for diagnostic control, disassembly and reassembly of machines, repair interventions and enhancement of mechanical and electromechanical machines directly in the plant and with a continuos round-the-clock intervention cycle.


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